Best Fond Du Lac roofing

Best Fond Du Lac roofing have over 15 years experience in residential roofing and commercial roofing for repair, replacement in and around WI. Construction is WI  most respected shingle roofing company. We have done over 5000 roofs in Fond Du Lac alone. As the areas expert roofing contractor we are here to repair or replace your shingle roof if your home or business has a leaks roof from wind and hail damage resulting in cracked, curling, or missing architectural shingles. It would be our pleasure to visit your home throughout most of the tri-county.

We too have a full team of roofers that work on metal roofs doing replacement and repairs throughout the Fond Du Lac area. Whether you have a standing seam metal roof or 5 V crimp metal roof our professional roofers can determine how to best resolve your problem. Although our office is located in Fond Du Lac we service most of the low-country’s metal roofing needs with free quotes and free inspections.

Re-roofing and replacing roofs for large multi-family housing communities like apartment complexes, condos and townhomes for HOAs takes a lot of work and we are the Fond Du Lac commercial roofing company for the job. We would love to be the contractors to help replace your apartments’, or condo community’s roofing needs. Please have the property manager contact us.

Office Buildings
Many commercial developers & real estate investors own corporate Class-A office space that they lease out to business owners, & you can not afford to have your roof leak onto or into the working space of your tenants. We have the knowhow to repair and replace low slope, flat, and standard office building roofing systems throughout WI.


No Social Security cost of living increase for 2019?

It’s rumored that there will be no cost of living adjustment (COLA) for 2019. And the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is saying that there might not be another COLA until 2021.


But Medicare Part B (doctor’s insurance) premiums will continue to increase. There is no slowdown in health care costs. Most current Social Security recipients are protected from having their benefits reduced due to Part B premium increases under a “hold harmless” provision in the law so know unemployment and your social security.

Medicare Part B premiums are set up to cover about 25% of the cost of Part B insurance. The premium increases with COLA’s for 2019 to 2021 were projected to be $103 going up to $109.
Because 75% of those currently on Medicare won’t have their premiums increased, the FEDS have come up with a really equitable(?) way to make up for the loss.

All newly entitled Medicare beneficiaries will carry the brunt of the load. Their Medicare premiums in 2010 is projected to be $119, for 2011 $123, and for 2012 it is projected to be $128.

By 2012, a newly entitled Medicare recipient will be paying $259.20 more for Part B insurance than someone that is currently entitled to Medicare!

Just because of their date of birth or date of entitlement to disability.

Quality Removals Brighton

UK Removals Brighton, as a domestic removal company, offer a full range of secure and reliable house removals and office relocation services throughout Brighton and the surrounding areas. Our range of removal services are not only very professional but are offered at some of the most competitive prices.


Things To Know When Moving House

Removals Brighton and Man with a van Brighton provide quality and competitive house moves in Brighton whatever the size of the move you can be certain we’ll be able help.

Moving House – Our Residential Removal Services

  • Natiowide Coverage
  • Furniture and House Contents Removals – House Clearance
  • Cheap Storage Containers
  • Packing Service Available
  • Low Removal Costs
  • FREE Moving Home Quotes

Moving house can be a very stressful time for anyone. Are you buying a home in the Brighton area? Maybe you’re looking for furniture removal? We can move anything, anytime, anywhere.

Our residential removal service is perfect whether the job is big or small. Your move is important to us. Keeping your furniture and home items safe and clean are vital and we can even pack it all for you. You can be as detailed with your requirements as you’d like and we will sort out the rest of the removal service for you. So don’t despair if we haven’t mentioned your town below, give us a bell and we can remove your worry.

DLC Quest Review: Online Gaming

DLC in games has been debated by gamers and developers in all walks of life; some even go as far to say it’s destroying modern gaming as it was once known. It has been thought that developers are selling unfinished games and offer pricey DLC to get gamers to finish or add to a game that should have been in the games initially. DLC Quest, a game by an indie game developer at Going Loud Studios makes his statement about the state of the gaming industry in a satirical manner.

DLC Quest puts you in the shoes of a character named ‘Player’, giving it a retro-RPG feeling (although the game is a platformer), with a generic plot that asks you to save the princess and defeat evil. It’s a bit odd that when you start the game there’s no sound at all, the player is unable to move left, or even pause – until you meet a shopkeeper who allows you to buy DLC (with in-game currency) to unlock additional features in the game. That’s right, you must buy DLCs in order to progress throughout the game. The same idea is continued in Live Freemium or Die, which is included when you purchase DLC Quest.

The plot is almost nonexistent which was intended and is riddled with video game related tropes and even poking fun at other video games. The objective of DLC quest is to collect coins and buy DLC which is very simple indeed. Although you are given a sword there aren’t enemies to encounter in the game world nor do any of the NPCs have much to say aside from typically breaking the fourth wall or making jokes. The DLC itself is humorous on its own and the descriptions are even better, including on each that the item is non-refundable and a Night Map Pack that states that is the same maps that you already own but now at night. In Live Freemium or Die you see a game world riddled by ads and to remove them you must of course buy DLC.

While DLC Quest is a satire based game it makes you think where is the gaming world heading; with such games that allow the motto of ‘free to play but pay to win’. In DLC quest if there is an obstacle you buy your way out, most notably in the beginning of the game when you need to grind on a grindstone 10,000 times to make a sword but instead buy a DLC titled Time is Money to make it only ten. This shows how easy it is to fork over a few dollars and be ahead of others who either can’t afford or don’t want to buy these types of DLCs.  DLC Quest puts the Player at the butt of its joke showing that charging players in order to progress faster or be stronger than those who don’t is becoming the norm.


Though at times the trek back and forth from the shopkeeper can be tiring and the simplicity of the game can be a bore at times, DLC Quest is a charming game to play that truly gives insight on what’s going on in our industry. I’ve completed DLC Quest and Live Freemium or Die with all achievements in around two hours, it’s extremly short but for its ridiculous asking price it was entertaining and charming. DLC Quest is available on PC, Mac, and Xbox 360. The PC/Mac version of the game is $0.98 as part of the Autumn sale on steam, after that it can be purchased at regular price for $2.99 and $2.00 (DLC Quest and Live Freemium or Die are sold separately at $1.00 each) on Xbox live.

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Top Food Items that Help Lose Weight

Losing weight is a real challenge for many. However, this does not mean that starving yourself is the right way to shed off some pounds. If anything, it should be the time to eat right, especially if you will be working hard exercising and sweating off all the calories and fats in your system.

If you’re wondering what you should be eating, though, the best weight loss help sites suggest that you take in eggs, green tea, oats, yogurt, nuts, apples, pears, and beans for starters. These items have ingredients that help lower bad cholesterol, fasten up your metabolism, and stave off hunger so you will need to eat less and still feel energized despite the lower intake of carbohydrates to turn into energy. Spicy chili and other spicy food are also famous items for wise dieters as they have the ingredient known as capsicum, which is able to suppress one’s appetite.


If you’re trying to lose weight, one of the most important things you need to know first is how to do it without any side effects. A lot of diets and weight loss programs can be very unhealthy and lead you to complications later on. This, of course, isn’t ideal at all, so you have to be very careful in what method to go for.

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