Best Roofing Harrogate

  1. Roof Restoration is our Roofing Harrogate specialty. If you like the look of your existing roof tiles, why not reuse them? A roof restoration saves time and money over putting in a completely new roof.

    We have done more full-roof restorations in the past ten years than any company in Harrogate.

  2. As always, we document all of our work so you have proof and the greatest assurance that work is completed to the highest standards. See Major Steps in a Roof Restoration for examples from a recent restoration project.
  3. Call for a complete analysis of your options.

Leak Detection

  1. Where, why and how is the roof leaking? We will show you exactly with digital pictures.
  2. Our solution will be detailed in writing, step by step.
  3. The highest quality work, guaranteed, with full digital pictures taken before, during and after the project to prove it.
  4. Long-term warranties and transferability.
  5. Thousands of references; same location since 1988. We are the real deal.

Dry Rot and Termite Repair

  1. We do all repairs to stand a lifetime.
  2. We prime and paint all wood before installation for superior resistance to future damage.
  3. We maintain the integrity of the structure.
  4. As general contractors, we know how to build a house from the ground up.

We Also Install Windows and Doors

Upgrading a house’s windows and doors is one of the most common projects to undertake in conjunction with a new roof. We’ve installed thousands of windows and hundreds of doors.

  1. Yes, we will replace one door or one window.
  2. Yes, we do retrofit as well as custom installation, modifying openings, changing to a French door or bay or bow window.
  3. Yes, we install all manufacturers and product lines, including vinyl, fiberglass, wood/aluminum clad and other specialty products.
  4. Yes, we install a variety of front door designs.
  5. AND, yes, we can customize any look on the outside or inside with a variety of casing and trim choices.


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