For more than thirty years I thought that by paying extra for a Mercedes Benz I will be getting better quality vehicles however it would seem that throughout the last two years this is not so. My A class bought brand new in 2000, after just 77,000 kms needed a full gearbox overhaul. West Los Angeles Mercedes Repair to MB for after warranty help had been greeted with refusal on account of “age and kms travelled”.

My Mercedes Benz vehicles have all been well cared for and dealer maintained. Exactly how can this now happen and not be of concern to MB who, by the approach, were unable to carry out the overhaul and sent my vehicle to a transmission repair shop?

The assistance adviser said I should pay for the remedy and he felt very positive about getting monetary support from Mercedes Benz. He carried on to let me believe that Mercedes Benz will be forthcoming until I had paid and received the vehicle of mine back. He actually led me on.

I’ve been in touch with the Customer service Department by telephone and have actually been advised that the only way I could bring this matter further is by emailing the Customer care Manager. No reply was received from him after three emailed requests.

I ought to thus think that this’s what I could expect from the additional two Mercedes Benz vehicles we have in the family.

Some questions arising from this particular are:

Why is Mercedes Benz unable to correct a gearbox?

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