Motivated seller keywords

we’ll now have a nice little cheat sheet moving forward and as we read this list over and over, it will make us more aware in the future what is a bigger challenge and what are easier opportunities. if there’s any list for any other terms in the list we have, just ask and you shall receive. 😉 please note: as we’ll say over and over again, these numbers are not 100% scientific and are not guaranteed accurate. the numbers were generated from google’s adwords keyword tool and seomoz’s keyword difficulty tool. nevertheless, many search professionals who are helping not only the top websites in the world, but are using these numbers to make millions of dollars annually exploiting the opportunities exposed by the data have extrapolated their own assumptions based off this data. however, the true definition of what “difficulty” is changing every day. as changes their algorithm as well, these statistics are subject to change as well.

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