The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003 states that neither an agency nor an employment business may possibly present or provide a work seeker to a hirer unless it’s obtained confirmation –

a) on the identity of the work-seeker

b) that the work seeker has any authorisation, qualifications, training, or the experience that which the hirer considers are needed, and which are required by law and by any competent body, to work in the position that the hirer seeks to fill; and

c) which the work seeker is ready to work in the position which the hirer seeks to fill

Despite this, it is starting to be prevalent for legitimate legal recruitment consultants and prospects to fall victims of underhand tactics deployed by several authorized recruitment agencies. And, of course, this problem has just been augmented by a tough legal recruitment market and heightening competition between legal recruitment agencies.

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When a candidate has submitted the CV of theirs to some legal recruitment agency, it is generally having a particular legal cleaning that they have noticed advertised. Nonetheless, the problem of fewer reputable agencies sending candidate’s CVs to vacancies besides the person that the nominee had originally used for (without consent), is starting to be increasingly more prevalent. In many cases, legal recruitment agencies in question contains even dispatched the candidate’s CV to law firms over a speculative basis, despite the firm not in reality creating a legal job opening.

Sad to say, you will find 2 people that have problems with this particular devious approach; the nominee, and reputable legal recruitment organizations that abide by the law. If an employer gets an application program much more than one time, a conflict of trust develops between the authorized recruitment agency and also the client, the candidate and the agency, and many regrettably, the applicant and the prospective employer. One of several most upsetting consequences are that the prospect rejects a candidate who’s perfectly suitable for the job. Often legal recruitment agencies playing by the rules will overlook a fee, as in time that they have been longing to reach a candidate’s permission, another agency has already submitted the candidate’s CV to the tight with no consent.

A lot of law firms and legal departments operate a PSL (preferred companies list), so as to cut back on the number of legal recruitment agencies that they use. Unfortunately, many blindly trust that the companies decide to follow the law and in addition have the interests of all parties in mind, and that is just not always the case. The best method for combating cow boy recruiters is for legal departments and law firms for using legal recruitment companies with a trustworthy and good reputation.

It’s usually advisable for applicants to contact the agency before distributing the CV of theirs – established legal recruitment agencies is thrilled to discuss the candidate’s requirements and advice of the policies about sending out CVs. It’s not advisable using in excess of a single agency, as a well-reputed legal recruitment bureau is going to have a comprehensive knowledge of all the available legal projects on the market, and also will be able to use on a candidate’s behalf to any that’re ideal. This can assist the mentor to keep track of where CV has been sent, and also will help avoid duplicate applications.

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