The Introvert Scale

I can’t thank Chris Brogan enough for tweeting about my post on How To Build Confidence. That single tweet alone gave me a huge boost of confidence, not to mention the wonderful attention it brought to the blog.

And my post generated a lot of comments. Not everyone entirely agreed with me, which is fabulous. I certainly don’t claim to be an expert and I love hearing other viewpoints so I can learn.

The Introvert Scale

I’d say that most of those who commented are confident introverts, comfortable with themselves and their place in the world.

Two thoughts that stood out for me:

The introversion/extroversion scale
Taking action
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator judges two different choices along a scale. It’s not a binary state – either all extrovert or all introvert. As you can see in my Myers Briggs results from 2005, I’m a pretty strong introvert. (Seriously, look at the phrase points – a zero for extroversion!) But we all move along that scale based on the situation.

Although I don’t think I realized it until the comments came in, my post was more focused on work situations than social situations. In work or business situations, I can be a pretty good “situational extrovert” (a great quote from comedian Mike Myers). In a previous life, I was a project manager and facilitated meetings on a daily basis. Then there were presentations, tours with funders and legislators, etc. My job required it, ­so I had to do it. And along the way I got better at it.

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