After you take a look at the iPhone four, you will straight away notice the phone situated between 2 slabs of glass. You might think that using glass makes the phone less durable. Think again. This glass actually tends to make the touch screen cellular phone tougher than usual.

The glass that you see on this particular cellular phone is engineered glass. It is called aluminosilicate glass. This lustrous slab of glass is significantly difficult compared to plastic. Moreover, you can find many advantages to a phone when used as a protective covering.

Listed here are those advantages:

Used In The Cockpits Of Helicopters And As A Windshield Of High Speed Trains

Aluminoslicate glass was originally used for helicopter cockpits and high speed train windshields. They were tough enough to withstand the features at top speeds. Withstanding the features is remarkable enough, but being capable to resist the turbulent winds are going to leave you in awe. Imagine the harm caused by traveling in very high velocities. Because of this sort of glass, high velocity winds won’t ever be a problem. If these helicopters and trains fall back on this tough glass for safety, imagine the benefits it is able to do for the iPhone four.

Much More Durable Compared to Plastic

This engineered glass is more durable when compared with plastic. As we all understand, plastic is the common substance used on mobile phones. Plastic is known to easily and quickly break, chip, and is vulnerable to scratches. This glass is chemically enhanced being thirty times harder and twenty times stiffer than plastic.

Scratch Resistant

Most people make an effort to avoid scratching the surface of the mobile phones of ours. The value is decreased by scratches and make our phones visually unpleasant. Although we do everything in our power to avoid accidents like this, we can never prevent the inevitable. glass scratch removal overlaying of the iPhone four is not only durable; it is highly scratch resistant. It will take a great deal of abuse to scratch the surface of this particular phone.


Mobile phone surfaces are often made of chemicals that are harmful, which make them harmful to planet earth. This’s not the case with the mobile phone. Apple made certain this particular glass is reusable. This basically means that this phone is Mother Earth friendly. The conscience of yours is going to be clear upon purchase of this mobile touch display phone.

As you can see, you will find lots of advantages to this extremely strong glass. This is what the engineered glass of the iPhone four is about.

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