How to Use a Standard Hot Melt Glue Gun

Many forms of adhesives and equipment may be used for their use when crafting, packing, manufacturing and home improvement. Often you buy supplies with a sticky back or maybe you are using spaghetti, cold glue, tape or maybe hot melt glue. This article will tell you exactly how to use a standard hot melt glue gun to fulfil your project requirements.


1. Collect all materials and equipment required for your project. Place them for a non-electrical outlet board. Take a look at your glue gun. Specify the protection (if any) and the metal rest (if any).

2. Set the trigger in place. This is generally just behind the pistol barrel on the bottom. It needs to be a lot of plastic, which looks like a pie. You’ll see the barrel loader above the trigger. The adhesive sticks will go here. There is a thin, round plastic in this loader. This is what the glue stick is going to drive into the barrel. You can use the transparent plastic squeeze to switch around when you pull the trigger.

3. Check the power cord on the weapon. Make sure that no outer lining tears and no fray at the bottom of the weapon. Attach your gun to the nearest power outlet. Enable it to reach operating temperature for around 15 minutes.

4. Put a glue stick on after the gun has heated up without pressing it too hard. Today, a tiny drop of glue comes out of the tip of the weapon if you pull the trigger.

5. Before you paste your project materials, practise glueing on scrap materials. This helps you to sense the trigger pressure and the speed at which the glue emerges from the gun. Remove the lever and force the tip down quickly and then take it on the side of your scrap material. This splits the colle and stops it from being stringed if you pull off. Continue to do so before you find the right amount of glue you need for any item you use.

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6. Start applying glue carefully to the materials of your project. When finished with the glue gun, slightly take out the glue to prevent melting more glue. Don’t remove the adhesive stick because it can also be used in a new project. Remove the glue pin over a towel for the protection against unnecessary leaking glue, or even a paper plate.

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