Introduction to High Speed Routers

The Internet has evolved with great leaps and bounds since its beginnings during the 1960’s. Initially only a small amount of data could be sent at a particular time and these consisted mostly of text based documents. A speed of 28 Kbps was pretty amazing during the 1980’s using a dial up modem. Today, we are seeing speeds of 1MBps up to 12MBps. With the faster speeds and greater bandwidth a lot of applications have been created for the Internet. Video streaming, social networking, downloading of huge files, video calling are just some of the things people could do over the Internet today.

As the Internet has developed so has the devices used to support it. One of these devices is the router. If you have multiple computers in your home connecting to the Internet then chances are you are using a router to network your computers.


What is a Router?

A router is basically a networking device that analyzes the data and forwards it to the intended destination. It may sound simple at first but there’s a lot of activity that a router does to ensure that your data would be transferred accurately and efficiently. Imagine this, you are composing an email and sending it to your friend who lives in the opposite side of the globe. Check routers under 100 and make your life much easier.

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